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User's Guide to Learning and Teaching Resources

The User's Guide to Learning and Teaching Resources, comprising

You will also find links to video resources produced by the project.  These comprise edited videos of selected pre-departure, re-entry and professionalisation workshops, and student interviews.

A number of the student interviews have been embedded within the various learning teaching modules and can be accessed directly from the presenter's notes for the relevant module. Interviews with students appear in their entirety, but they are also broken down for ease of access into  shorter clips, suitably titled and focused on topics of particular relevance for teaching.

Pre-departure, re-entry and professionalisation workshops are similarly presented in the form of continuous video clips, but also as shorter topic-based clips to enable teachers and presenters to access and draw on video material for their own purposes.

Edited videos have also been put on YouTube as unlisted clips and can be accessed from the project website.

All video material is provided under a Creative Commons licence: "No Derivative Works — you may not alter, transform, or build upon this work". This means that the material may not be altered by any video editing process; however, clips can be embedded within other study abroad teaching programs.