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Photo Competition Gallery

Photo Winners of University of Wollongong

1st Liam's photography embodies the emotional dimensions of the exchange experience. Yes these powerful  landscapes offered up amazing images but Liam has used these images to reflect upon the stages of exchange study and thought about their symbolism for the overall experience.

"I feel like that photo is a great symbol of the achievement that comes from conquering exchange."
2nd Hayden bravely faced the new world before him - likening the enormity of his embracing a new life to the moment of birth. This image speaks not only of new beginnings, but about entering this new life without the baggage of what went before - naked and ready to construct a new identity in the world. Perhaps a cosmopolitan or polygamist one.
3rd We've know the expression home is where the heart is. Sarah's poetic description of her resourcefulness in building a Xmas house (to remind her of home) constructing her friendship with a Japanese student (who wouldn't normally celebrate Xmas) demonstrates how exchanges flow both ways with enduring effect.

Photo Winners of Murdoch University

1st Megan has captured (both in her photography in this point of view shot and her accompanying text) her study abroad experience as an adventure with sense of movement and personal change that comes from taking risks and challenging yourself. She offers a dramatic contrast to what she has previously known with the twist of the surreal and almost disbelief that comes with extending your reality. Finally in her text she has acknowledged how she has grown in confidence as a result of "living on the opposite side of the world"
2nd Morgan contrasts the relaxed lifestyle of Greece with its political turmoil. She positions herself within an ocean of blue looking back to the Greek islands at the point of returning home. Immersed in the clear blue waters her feeling state of acceptance is matched by the image and her relationship to the islands in the distance speaks about this reflective moment before leaving.
3rd This project has raised the issue of being a 'fish out water' and discussed feelings associated with stepping outside of your comfort zone. Simone’s image demonstrate that by immersing yourself fully in new experiences you can become one with your new environment. Her text makes the point that she found in her experiences something familiar - she felt inside her comfort zone. Some of us rediscover ourselves and gain a sense of freedom away from others who know us or maybe are telling us how to be, what to be and who to be.


Photo Winners of Macquarie University

1st The impact of Zhilija's photography matches the strength of her engagement with her surroundings. Her use of strong silhouettes and contrasting shapes in her images and her focus on strange juxtapositions or the micro world of a blade of grass in snow all point to her heightened awareness. She thinks about the moral and cultural aspects of what she sees with a questioning and alert mind.
2nd Standing at the end of the pier looking out across the ocean captures the sense of longing associated with home sickness - the flip side of study abroad. Emily juxtaposes this with a self portrait as a wide-eyed keen adventurer. She has used both the long shot and close up to emotional effect capturing two very different sides of the exchange experience.
3rd The use of wide angle injects Tahlia's point of view into this image. She felt something for these "three little boys" in their economic situation. Her text echoes her respect for their entrepreneurial spirit. Her photograph captures her sense of happening upon this scene. A memory that she will carry with her to represent this contact with a place and its people.

Photos submitted by Emily Merrick (Macquarie University)


Photos submitted by Zhijia Lai (Macquarie University)



Photos submitted by Joan Teresa Soon (Murdoch University)



Photos submitted by Simone Anderson (Murdoch University)



Photos submitted by Thomas Nolan (Murdoch University)



Photos submitted by Chris Brunero (University of Wollongong)



Photos submitted by Liam Turbet (University of Wollongong)



Photos submitted by Lisa Redwood (University of Wollongong)



Photo submitted by Maureen Flynn (University of Wollongong)


Photos submitted by Sandy Chen (University of Wollongong)



Photo submitted by Sarah Stevens (University of Wollongong)