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Project Information: Team and Associates

Project Leader:
Associate Professor Jan Gothard
Murdoch University
Phone: 08 9360 2998
Email: J.Gothard@murdoch.edu.au

Dr Greg Downey
Macquarie University
Phone: 02 9850 8079
Email: Gred.Downey@mq.edu.au

Associate Professor Tonia Gray,
University of Western Sydney, (formerly of University of Wollongong)
Phone: 02 4736 0102
Email: T.gray@uws.edu.au

Project Manager:
Linda Butcher
Murdoch University
Phone: 08 9360 2350
Email: L.Butcher@murdoch.edu.au

Mr Innes Ireland, formerly, Outbound Programs Manager, University of Technology Sydney
Mr Dirk Mulder, Director, International Office, Murdoch University
Ms Ashley Tanks, Manager, Study Abroad & Exchange, University of Wollongong

Reference Group

Professor Michelle Barker
Griffith Business School, Griffith University

Dr Maureen Bell
Senior Fellow (Hon.), Academic Development Unit, University of Wollongong

Dr Amanda Daly
formerly, Academic Developer, Learning and Teaching Unit, University of South Australia

Professor David Hill,
2010 ALTC Teaching Fellow (Academic)
Consortium Director, Australian Consortium for ‘In-county’
Indonesian Studies (ACICIS),
Murdoch University;

Mr Rob Malicki,
Director, Australian Institute for Mobility Overseas (AIM Overseas), Sydney

Ms Amanda Pasfield
formerly, Assistant Director, Student Mobility, Australian Education International (AUI),
Department of Education, Employment and Work Relations, (DEEWR) Canberra

Dr Mick vande Berg
Vice-president, Academic Affairs, Council on International Educational Exchange (CIEE)

Dr Maureen Bell, a member of our reference group, will act as external evaluator and will be involved in the evaluation process from the outset.