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Project Information: Aims and Deliverables


This project aims:


Project deliverables

DELIVERABLE 1: Development and dissemination of a three-phase learning and teaching curriculum, including video materials, suitable for use for study abroad students across the Australian university sector, composed of modules based on experiential learning principles and incorporating an additional focus on pedagogical outcomes for students after re-entry.

DELIVERABLE 2: A demographic and cultural profile of out-bound students in Australian exchange programs based upon two quantitative survey tools.

DELIVERABLE 3: Website as a repository for the learning materials generated and trialled through the project, including teaching strategies and exercises, assessment suggestions, readings, workshop materials, sample student interventions and exemplary video presentations, survey data and publications.

DELIVERABLE 4: Peer-reviewed national and international publications reporting the project results (forthcoming).

DELIVERABLE 5: Presentations and workshops at national and international education conferences.